Class of 2020

Hello, guys! It’s been a while after I posted the last article. In the last few post I talked about my new-save-game using Manchester United but unfortunately I have not continued that game yet because recently I am playing my old-save-game using the same team, Manchester United which i’ve played in the last six months.

I’ve managed this team for 4 consecutive years, started at 2016-2017 and now has reached season 2020-2021. Because Manchester United have a fantastic youth academy, I have a goal to promote a bunch of high potential young players to the first team, to replace the current old players and low-skill players. Finally after I spent 4 consecutive years to search every high-talented young players with dedicated scouts, my goal started to fruition. Just like the class of ’92, now half of my team contains a bunch of high-potential young players that can ensure the future of the club. I called them Class of 2020.

This is my current first-team of Manchester United.


The remaining players that I still use until now are David De Gea, Eric Bailly, Luke Shaw, Paul Pogba, Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Anthony Martial, Morgan Schneiderlin and Memphis Depay and the rest are world-class players that I bought from top clubs and high-potential young players that I promoted from the Reserve or Under 18s Team.


de gea
David De Gea

One of the best goalkeeper in the world. He is the last solid wall that the enemy has to face. In the last 4 years he became the main goalkeeper for Manhcester United and had conceded no more than 30 goals in every season. Now that he is entering his golden age as a goalkeeper I think that he still has a lot of time to be a solid wall and do many of other “Dave Saves”.


Sime Versaljko

The only Croatian in my entire team. He is one of my first buying as a manager at Manchester United. I bought him from Atletico Madrid for 33M Euro to replace Antonio Valencia as a right back, who physical strength began to decline at that time. His strength and stamina attributes make him a very good athlete. I also choose him because he is quite natural in several positions.


Eric Bailly

One of the fans favorite. With the high tackling and anticipation attribute he has a good timing in the challenge. Just become a regular in the last 2 season, the Ivorian international is a fairly consistent performer with a fairly high average rating of 7.65.


Leonardo Bonucci

Bought him two years ago at the age of 31, he still has a lot to offer for the team. Although his physical attributes start to decline but his experiences and his mental strength can still help the team everytime he is on the pitch. One of the best ball playing defender in the world.


Luke Shaw

The former Southampton player who currently the world-class wing-back is one of the player that has a strong bond with all the fans. He possesses great speed and also a consistent performer. At a relatively young age he still has a chance to develop more and more to become one of the best wing-back in the world.


Paul Pogba

Paul Labile Pogba, once had been known as the most expensive player in the world now known as one of the best midfielder in the world and he still has a place to develop in the future. His strongest attributes are his balance and ability to control the ball that can make him a conductor at the middle field to dictate the plays.


fosu mensah
Timothy Fosu-Mensah

He is a very determined player. One of the product from Manchester United’s academy that can break to the first team. After becoming a regular two years ago, last season he got an offer from Barcelona but after I convinced him, he decided to stay at the club to achieve more silverware in the future.


Callum Gribbin

He is one of my favorite young players because his versatility. He can placed in many positions. He possesses a great balance, ball control and dribble attributes that make him a very good player to penetrates enemy’s defense. Like Timothy Fosu-Mensah, he is also a product from Manchester United’s academy. At a very young age, he still has so much room to develop to becoming the best player in the world.


Christian Pulisic

I bought him in my second season as a manager in Manchester United. After a loan term at Bayern Munchen and Tottenham Hotspurs, he finally became a regular at my last season squad. I projected him to replace the role of Wayne Rooney and now it’s starting to look well. He also quite a versatile player that can be placed where you need him to be.


Anthony Martial

The France International is one of the reliable player in my squad. His creativity and upredictable moves combine with his speed and dribble attributes make him a player that can produce something out of nothing.


Antoine Griezmann

He is currently the best striker in the world. I bought him last year for 56M Euro from Atletico Madrid to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic that had retired that year. He succeeded score no less from 50 goals last year at his first season that made him the best player in Europe, beats Neymar and Suarez from Barcelona. His first touch is key to him being a technical player.


Barry Leverington

A young goalkeeper with a potential to going higher. I place him as a backup for David De Gea. He has a high attributes as a goalkeeper at such a very young age. He is also the product from Manchester United’s academy. I usually play him at the less important match such as at EFL cup or FA Cup.


David Lopez

The Spanish youngman became a regular since last season. He plays alternately with Sime Versaljko at the right-back. His highest attribute is teamwork that make him a reliable player to link the ball from the back to the middle or front line.


Nico Schaap

One of the wonderkid that I place at first team as an alternative from Eric Bailly. I bought him from Sporting Gijon at the age of 17 two years ago and now he break to the first team. His strength is the strongest attribute that make him a very solid wall for the enemy to get past to.


Aymeric Laporte

I just bought him this season and projected him to replace Leonardo Bonucci in the future as the ball playing defender in my defense line. He has a complete attributes to support him as a strong center back that make him a reliable player at the back.


Julle Luyeye

At a very young age, he almost has a complete attribute as the wing-back. With a very high work rate he could become a player that really tough to face. Don’t forget, he still has so much much much room to develop in the future. With the level attributes like now, we can imagine what a player he can be in the future.


Nemanja Matic

After Michael Carrick retired, I bought him as a backup and reliable player that can dictate the plays at the middle field 2 years ago. With the fairly cheap prize, I feel like I’ve robbed Chelsea to bought him just 7M Euro with his currently ability at that time. At a fairly old-age, he still has much to offer because he is a very consistent performer.


Morgan Schneiderlin

A brave player that has a very good skill to seize the ball at the midfield. He famous as a three-lungs player because he never runs out stamina. That’s make the opposition player have to do more effort to maintain the ball at the middle field.


Stephane Chabert

He is a very very agile player. At such a young age he has quite high attributes to make a very good winger. He is one of the wonderkid that can break to the first team this season. He is also a fairly consistent performer and still has much room to improve mentally or physically.


Ollie Bayliss

After the departure of Juan Mata last season, I decided to promote him to the first squad as a backup of Christian Pulisic. He possesses a great speed and is a very determined player. He still has a long way to become a world-class player but with a proper training and match experience he could become one of the best in the future.


Memphis Depay

A flamboyant winger who has a great affinity with the fans. In the last 4 years, he became one of the important player in Manchester United along with Anthony Martial. His speed and dribble ability are the strongest ability that make him a tough player to face.


Alex Idzi

My favorite wonderkid from my own academy. He has a fantastic acceleration and deadly finishing that make him a very dangerous player at the front line. He has a very bright future and can become a legend one day.


Tyrell Warren

I chose him as a backup for my defense player. Has a decent atrributes he can feel the void when other defense player had a problem such as suspended or injured.


So, those are my current squad in season 2020-2021. They are contains 7 players with the age under 20 that has high potential to develop. I will play most of them at the cup match to increase their mentality and also physical and technical ability.

That’s all for this time. Stay tuned for the next post about other Football Manager things. Well, thanks for visiting and see ya!


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